Down Size Your Storage Unit Now!

Save Money and Be More Organized

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Downsize Your Storage Unit – Save Money Now!

If you are wondering whether it is time to perhaps downsize the storage unit -- and with it the cost of monthly storage -- you are not alone. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your storage unit and be more organize.

Time to Clean Out Your Storage Unit - Empty Everything Out! To organize a storage unit, it is crucial to first get a handle on everything that is in there. In order to accomplish this feat, you must touch every single item. We have found that the one-touch rule works to really help you decided on what you want to continue to keep in storage. The one touch rule basically requires you to touch each item in the storage unit once. If you cannot decide what to do with it, the item is of no use to you anymore and these items will either be sold, recycled, donated, or put into the trash.  


Categorize and make Piles. We suggest creating four piles for you to put your items in so that you can start to sift them.  The idea here is to figure out what you want to get rid of. 

The first pile is for seasonal storage goods like holiday decorations or party supplies.

The second pile is for family heirlooms or treasured belongings.  The Third pile is for standard household overflow or business items. 

The fourth pile is going to be for items that you are going to get rid of, which will be segregated into 4 areas also: Sell–Trash-Recycle-Donate!


Storage Boxes and Containers. Clear storage containers or new-sturdy cardboard boxes work the best. Plastic containers are great because they are very durable and you can see what is stored inside them.  New moving box kits also work well because they are more durable than used boxes and come in organized sizes that are ideal for storing them in uniformed well organized rows.  

Organizing the Storage Unit.  Creating a map or plan of where you want to put your things is crucial for helping you get the most out of your storage unit. You are going to want to keep a copy of this map or diagram when you are done so that you can reference it later to help you easily retrieve your stored items (you will want to leave it in the storage unit near the door).

Here are a number of things to keep in mind when creating your storage plan.

  • Take advantage of ceiling and wall space – Wall space and ceiling areas are great spots to hang or store bikes, sporting equipment, surf boards, skate boards, and gardening tools.
  • Always store heavy appliances and furniture in the rear of the storage unit- Appliances and cabinets also make great spots to store smaller items inside of them.
  • Make sure boxes are stored in well organized and rows - You want these rows to be similar in size.  Bigger boxes on the bottom, smaller boxes on top.  Consider placing a wooden shelf or piece of plywood on top of each row for more stability.
  • Create a small aisle-way inside the storage unit- An aisle-way will give you easy access to your stored items.
  • Label all of your Boxes and Take Pictures – Be sure to record on the backside of your storage plan where your items are at, and take pictures to help remind you of where your valued items have been placed.
  • All store frequently used items last – You want to be able to easily retrieve frequently used items, so store them near the front area of your storage unit.

Use a Shelving System – A well thought out shelving system can help you get more out of your storage unit area, some experts feel as much as 30% more those that don’t use shelving.

Reduce Your Stress Now - A well organized storage unit will definitely make you feel better about your self storage experience. For many Americans, renting a storage unit has become an extension of their household (1 out of 10 USA households rents a storage unit).  An unorganized or cluttered environment can lead to a stressful situation, is it not time for you to de-clutter your life? 

Make this the year you become more organized - get your personal storage unit today!  Go here to check out what modern self storage facilities have to offer.

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